Learn more about the types of projects that The Writer Studio provides.

What’s The Writers Studio difference?


The Writers Studio offers the highest-quality writing and editorial/creative input.  Web build-out, newsletters and product collateral make up an important segment of Writers Studio work, but there’s much more.

Experience and thorough preparation help the studio to complete projects that meet client goals.  The Writers Studio serves organizations of all sizes that promote, educate, or inform.

The studio’s work adapts easily to the various marketing, public relations, technical, and training, as well as academic and teaching goals of clients.  The practice serves companies, corporations, nonprofits, and governmental entities.

The Writers Studio works closely with in-house communicators, agency staffers, and other freelance talent, including photographers and designers, on projects both large and small.

In addition to skills in distilling and organizing information effectively, the studio offers first-rate editing and concept consultation at all levels — and can help in art direction, identifying and procuring graphics and multimedia, overseeing production, and other services required in print, web, and social media.

Projects may target general or consumer audiences, or business-to-business as well as professionals-to-professionals markets.  The Writers Studio offers the clear, compelling, thoroughly researched and polished writing that matches the communications needs of its clients.


Areas of special expertise include: healthcare; hospitals; medicine; biomedical; IT, software and data solutions; higher education; benefits and human resources; science and technical; and more.